July 25th 2014 "Thread The Needle Day"

     Today is Thread the Needle Day! You can be sure that today could be a great day........ if you like to sew.
Thread the Needle Day may certainly be a day for those who sew. There is also a second meaning. This term "thread the needle", is also a saying. It means to either walk a fine and difficult line between two things or issues, or to do something difficult. For example, suppose two of your friends are on opposite sides of an issue. You may have to "thread the needle" on that issue, as you attempt to retain both of them as your friend.
The creator of Thread the Needle Day did not document this day. So, until we find him or her, you can celebrate today by either sewing or threading the needle on issues.
     And if you do not sew you can celebrate the day with the flower of the day (Peonies) or the recipe of the day (Ice Cream Pie).

Short temper

     I am not sure why but lately my temper keeps getting shorter and shorter.  I even had to leave work early once this week because I was fearful I would snap at the wrong person.  You see I am normally there would be no problem with things going wrong.  You take a deep breath, smile and continue.  I would get home and listen to music, work in the garden or go to the gym and hit up the treadmill and work it off.  But lately that has not been very helpful at all!  The more stressed out I get at work the harder it gets to control my temper.
     For example today a radio show host comes in and does and interview with one of the employees.  Well that employee misrepresents himself.  The same employee that will not finish any of the tasks assigned or that he/she volunteers for.  Last week I was informed that they will be using more than the normal rooms for the big event this year.  Um.  No one mentioned this to me! According to the person I was speaking with they had this in the works for oh a few weeks at least.  Good to know that everyone else makes plans with my department without telling me.  Not like I have to change the employees schedules  to accommodate the events or anything. Oh and by the way that employee that misrepresented himself said he had my position. 

        When I started working again I was thrilled and exited.  I even loved my job and going to work until recently.  I am not sure what changed but I am not liking it one bit.  The politics in the office and between management is making hard to do our job.  Walking on eggshells all the time stressed me out.  It is getting to the point that at time I wish my job was still being home with the kids.  Until then I will keep counting to ten many, many times.

One more year

     Last night we set out to find a "new" place to have dinner.  By new I mean not one of our normal spots like IHOP, Logan's or Chili's.  It seems that we always end up migrating to the same types of food, steak, burgers or breakfast.  After driving around for about 40 minutes we ended up at Longhorn's. Yup steak again.  After missing a few turns, uncertain suggestions and aggressive drivers I really didn't care.  I really wasn't even hungry at this point.
     My husband ran inside as one of us normally does to see what the wait time will be.  If it is a long wait we either go somewhere else or sit in the car and put on a movie.  The perks of having a DVD player in the trailblazer.  He came back quickly saying that the Host said it would be only a few minutes, they just needed to clear the table for us.  About half an hour later we finally get seated. Hubby is short tempered already as he felt lied too, and the kids are constantly repeating that they are hungry.  Me I am just observing all of it.  Keeping as quiet as possible giving short answers or a nod of the head to any questions that came my way.
     You see, I wanted to take it all in.  This summer has started a countdown that will certainly make my heart ache.  My oldest, my first born, my baby will be graduating High School next year and has plans to join the military.  I have one year left to soak in memories to last forever.  One year left with a full nest.  I am trying hard to let go.  It is not easy.  I wish that time would stop and we could live together forever.  But that is not the case. 
    While we sat waiting on our waitress I kept looking across the table and my boys (husband included) and saw those quirky looks they gave each other planning their next joke or trick.  Joke that my husband and oldest usually directed at our second child.  Of all people they pick on the one with the shortest temper.  I already know that wont end well.  He quickly closes up and gets very emotional.  But I do not get in the middle of it.  I just smile and keep watching.  The two younger ones keep to themselves for the most part.  They are very busy with their crayons and children's menu, so much so that they do not care what is going on around them.  Still innocent and carefree.  My youngest just wants the food to hurry up because he is starving to death.  Him and his sister have very dramatic personalities.  It is always the world against them. 
   During our whole dinner nothing much was said.  A few comments here and there.  My husband kept asking me if I was ok.  Apparently keeping quiet for me is out of character.  I seem to always have something to say.  But tonight I just watched and wondered what this year will bring.  How our lives will change and how we will handle it.  So for now, here is to one more year...

If only I was not in pain all the time....

     I would be able to enjoy running around with my kids a lot more.  When I was doing a training exercise back in 2001, I slipped and fell on my right hip.  Little did I know that in the long run it would affect the rest of my body.  I did go to the Dr. a few days later (I did not want to miss the training as it was the final one in order to graduate basic) and he mentioned my right hip was slightly higher than the left.  I was given ibuprophen and crutches  and told that time would fix it. Well time did not fix it! In fact time made it worse. 
     In 2003 when it was time for our yearly 12 mile ruck march,  about 1/3 of the way in, I bent over and put my hands on my knees to rest a minute and relieve the pressure on my back and was unable to stand back up.  Now keep in mind that we had a 70lb requirement in our unit.  The equivalent of how heavy our equipment would be.  Me being only five feet tall it was not a good combination. Shortly after that I ended up getting out of the military and thought that being home with the kids would help me avoid any back issues.  Boy was I wrong!
   After the birth of my daughter my back started to act up again.  Nothing to bad but the ache was enough to be a bother.  So I decided to apply for VA disability.  I was awarded 20%.  Two years later when by back issues started to pain me again I reapplied to have my disability rating increased.  The Dr. that I was sent to disagreed with my original Dr. diagnosis and my rating was decreased to 10%.  According the that Dr.(reminded me of a 1970's pimp with slick hair and alligator skin boots) there was no reason for me to have my rating.  Me not knowing any better kept my mouth shut and left it alone.  This was in 2006.
     My fourth child was born in 2007 to our surprise because I was on birth control when we found out I was pregnant.  I continued to stay home with the kids because there was no way we could afford daycare for all four of the kids.  I had my good days and bad days.  Never going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary as I did not want to end up with tons of medical bills.  Then I started to read all the information I could find.  Trying to see what it was that I could do until one day I was not able to get out of bed.  At that point they sent me to get an MRI and sent me to physical therapy. They also gave me two steroid shots in my lower spine.  These were one at a time, three weeks apart.  During this time I had started to work part time in the evenings and weekends.  When the shots did not work they just did not know what to do other than give me pain medication that I refused to take.  I was totally against taking narcotics such as Vicodin and Hydrocodone that knocked me out.  I didn't want to jeopardize time with my kids or their safety for that matter. I just kept trying over the counter medicine until I could not handle it any longer.
    I found a website that helped vets apply for disability, medical coverage and so much more.  I then applied to get medical treatment through VA.  While we have medical insurance already VA would cover all deductibles and such associated with my visits. They cover 100% anything associated with my VA disability and for the visits that are not they bill my insurance and what ever they do not pay VA does.  For me this meant that I could go to the Dr. when the pain is a bother and not only when I can barely move.  The Dr. assigned to me was a God send to be honest.  She listened to me and my concerns.  I explained how there were days I spent in tears because the pain was controlling my life and the medication given to me was not the best option.  Having young children in the house that needed supervision I could not take them.  I gave her a list of medication taken over the years in the military and how they worked for me.  It took a few visits but we found a good combination for me. 
     Fast forward another year to 2014 and I am taking 600mg of Gabapentin three times a day along with 10mg of Cyclobenzaprine three times a day.  Being on my feet working full time now for two years is taking a toll.  So much so that my husband was the one that said I should reopen my VA disability.  I have been very fortunate to work with a company that is very understanding and caring because they look out for me and pamper me when I am having a bad day.  In the end all I can do is wait and pray that we find a solution that works.  I am tired of being in pain all the time. 



LongHorn’s newest promotion – Bold Flavor, Bold Price!


     Me and my family love a good steak.  With a family of six we love to find a good deal as well!  LongHorn's Steakhouse has brought out three new dishes at an unbelievable price. 

  •  Bourbon Black Pepper Sirloin: Applewood bacon wrapped sirloin with a bold bourbon black pepper glaze.
  • Chipotle Orange Chicken: Grilled chicken breasts in a spicy chipotle mandarin orange sauce
  • Cajun Dusted Shrimp: Skewered shrimp grilled with Cajun spices topped with zesty citrus butter, grilled lemon and fresh tomatoes.
 LongHorn’s new limited-time-only Bold Flavor, Bold Price promotion lets you choose one of three grilled-to-perfection entrees with a choice of side, hand-chopped salad and unlimited Honey Wheat bread, all for a great price at $12.99!

I was provided with a gift card to LongHorn's Steakhouse in exchange for sharing the above information with my readers.  Any opinions written are my own and not influenced in anyway. 

Let HoneyBaked help this Easter

     I was provided with a gift card to try HoneyBaked Ham products.  All opinion based on these products are my own.  First let me tell you that when it comes to the holidays, I am the first to frown on eating out at restaurants.  Gathering together as a family in the comfort of your own home to celebrate what is most precious is very important to me.  I also know how hard it is to get the house ready, cook, get the kids dressed and be ready to receive family without getting a bit stressed out.  That is were HoneyBaked Ham comes in to play.  It is as easy as 1-2-3.  

     My local store was very easy to find.  The sign was big and noticeable from the street.   I had no trouble getting there. When I pulled up the store was clean and well organized.  The cashier was cheerful and eager to help.  I let her know that I had never been there and I was looking to have a nice dinner with my family.  She was polite and walked me through selecting all the items I needed.  They have a chart you can use to select the appropriate size needed to feed everyone.  I selected the Ham that was fully cooked and just needed to be heated up.  By the way they give you the instructions for that too! Next we selected the side and then dessert. That was it. Very easy.
     On Sunday I preheated the oven at 275 and pulled the sides out around noon to thaw out a bit.  You need to heat the ham for about 10 minutes per pound so I set it in the oven for about one and a half hours.  I did have a 7lb ham.  There are six of us including two teenage boys.  Me and my daughter could not help but pick a piece or two to taste before putting it in the oven.  While that was heating up we went about our day enjoying the nice weather that Spring has brought us.  The aromas started to work its way through the house about thirty minutes later. 
     The sides that we chose were the Macaroni and Cheese and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Both family favorites.  Since they were almost completely thawed out I heated them up in the microwave.  At that point I realized that in my "forever home" I am going to need two ovens.  By this point my poor husband was wandering in and out of the kitchen hoping it was time to eat.  The amount of time actually spent in the kitchen was about 30 minutes. 

     The dessert was of course CHEESECAKE!  While tempted to get the sample I went with the regular cheesecake and dressed it up with some cherries I had on hand.  Doesn't it look so pretty?  This I honestly had to hide because everyone was wanting to eat it on Saturday night.  Bit it will be very easy to add your own special touch.

    And this is what I served my family for dinner.  We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon working in the yard and watching my younger two children play outdoors.  Something we have all been waiting for.  In my house Sunday dinner Easter or not is a big deal.  It is the one day that I can go all out and prepare a good home cooked meal and get ready for the week. This weekend it was a lot easier and I know that for Easter it can do the same for you and your family.  It will leave so much more time to catch up with those you do not see often and to make memories that will last a lifetime.

     Here are a few specials that will help you stretch your budget even farther.

  • In-Store Specials
    • $54.99 Easter Ham & Turkey Combo – Pair a Turkey Breast (approx. 3 lbs.) with your choice of a Boneless Ham (approx. 3.5 lbs.) or Quarter Ham (approx. 4.5 lbs.)
    • $22.99 Turkey Breast (with any Half or Whole Ham purchase)
    • $24.99 Easter Brunch Bundle – Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake and Honey-Spice Bacon
    • Heat & Share Sides: Two for $13.99, three for $19.99
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     Now here is the great part.  Twenty lucky readers will have the opportunity to win a $50 HoneyBaked Ham gift card to put towards their Easter meal.  Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.  

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This weeks happenings...

     I have finally been able to take some of my seedlings and put them in the ground.  My husband made me two 5 x 10 veggie beds and moved all the dirt from my old smaller beds to the new ones. I had to wait two weeks before the dirt was warm enough to plant.  I managed to put in early red potatoes and early yellow potatoes.  Along with that I planted some garlic and onions.  Today since it was in the 70's I had the boys continue to bag leaves while I put some cilantro seeds and radishes in the ground.  I noticed the peas that put out yesterday were wilting a bit and watered them again in hopes that they are just getting used to the different dirt.  Inside they just had peat moss. 

     The mint planted two years ago is coming up for the third year in a row.  The pot got cleaned out and the dried up twigs from last year got clipped back.  I am surprised at how easy it is to keep mint.  My goal this year is make my own mint flavoring.  If nothing else I will end up with mint flavored vodka.  

     This past week I also started to go to the gym.  While I am not very familiar with all the machines yet I quickly took to the cardio section. Specifically the treadmill.   I went everyday until Friday when my pain level was just to high to push through.  Decided to just chill at home for the night.  I lost 3 pounds this week!  After three weeks of a lull it was nice to see the scale move.  I am ten pounds or two sizes shy of my goal weight.  I am not going to set my heart on an actual weight since I know that after four kids and at my age weight is just a number.  I want to feel good and comfortable in my clothes more than anything.  I am getting there.  

     That is all for now...

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I am so excited that spring is almost here!  I have already ordered two shipments of heirloom seeds from Superseeds.com in order to start my plants indoors.  I have the high hopes that I can get a head start on my vegetable garden this year.  Last year we ended up buying plants from Lowe's since we lost two consecutive plantings due to very late frosts hitting us in May! I am hoping that this year will be more favorable.  While I am grateful for the rain we received last year it made the insects (pests) come out in full force. 

     In order to plant more I will be segregating the yard so that the dogs do not dig up my garden.  There have been a few ideas using pallets that I may use depending on the budget.  I have made a list of about 50 different seed that I will be planting.  In them there are at lease 7 different kinds of peppers, 5 different tomatoes and several beans. I will also be growing for the first time ever STRAWBERRIES!  There are a variety of leafy greens, corn, and of course herbs.  This is going to be my biggest vegetable garden yet.  Wish me luck!
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