New Garlic Press Promotion Review

      While I am not chef.  Not even close!  I do love to cook.  Bringing flavors and scents together to create meals Having the proper tools to do this is very important.  One of those tools would be a good garlic press.  I have owned many in the past. They usually end up with the same end.  I lose the basket.  I will spend countless minutes searching through my drawers trying to find all the pieces.  Then I usually end up yelling for the kids because the did not put the dishes away correctly and after 15 minutes I have yet to find all the pieces. Which brings me to my absolute favorite feature of this garlic press. All the pieces are attached to each other!

      Another feature that I like is that I do not need to peel the garlic first.  Both me and my husband love garlic but really hate the smell that lasts for days.  This garlic press helps with that.  This is a great quality press at an amazing price. 


. ENJOY THE IRONCLAD 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - I am so confident you're going to love your Propresser Garlic Press I'm offering it with an ironclad guarantee. If you have ANY problems with your Propresser Garlic Press FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT simply let me know and I will refund every penny of your purchase plus ship you another brand new kitchen gadget FREE of charge.
  • 2. QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON - Unlike many of the garlic pressers on the market that are made from cheap zinc alloy, your Propresser Garlic Press is fashioned from 100% stainless steel. It won't rust, won't weaken at the joint, and won't break. We've meticulously designed this cooking gadget to serve you for years and decades to come.
  • 3. DESIGNED WITH EASE OF USE IN MIND - Hold the Propresser Garlic Press in your hand. Note the thickness of the handles and how comfortably your fingers wrap around them. With a clove of garlic nestled in the basket the handles are the ideal distance apart to maximize leverage. Gently squeeze the handles together. You'll be delighted at how easily, how effortlessly your Propresser Garlic Press produces perfectly minced garlic.
  • 4. CLEANUP IS A BREEZE - Now you can enjoy the flavor and health benefits of garlic instantly without the hassle of messy cleanup. Simply flip up the Propresser Garlic Press's basket, rinse it under your faucet, and you're done!
  • 5. A BEAUTIFUL ADDITION TO YOUR KITCHEN - When you first remove the Propresser Garlic Press from its box marvel at the way light dances over the stainless steel handles and glides over the curves of its ergonomic design. This is no mere cooking utensil - this is a handsome complement to your kitchen's d├ęcor.

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    Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Review

         I have been hearing so much about this miracle weight loss supplement made from garcinia cambogia and honestly was very curious about it.  I mean who wouldn't want to lose weight by just taking a pill.  After all I have lost 15lbs for good and another 5 that I keep losing and gaining.  I went from a size 12 to a 10 and then got stuck.  Now keep in mind that I am 5' nothing so it is not like I am trying to become a stick figure.  I just really want to be comfortable in my clothes.  So when the opportunity to try this product presented itself I jumped at the chance.

         First concern (I am a child when it comes to flavors) was the smell and taste.  I do not like to hold my breath or dread swallowing my medications and supplements.  I will just opt to stop taking them all together.  Fortunately for me they both were pleasant.  And there was no aftertaste to worry about either!  Now this is not a real miracle pill.  You can eat fast food everyday and expect this to keep you from gaining weight.  It will however help you get rid of weight with a bit of effort on your part.  While I have not lost weight on  Supreme Garcinia Cambogia, I notice that I have dropped one dress size!  I am now in a 9 in misses.  And I did go out and purchase me so new clothes to celebrate.
         My overall impression of this product is a positive one.  I would however make sure to consult you Dr. before starting any new supplements.  Keep notice of any side effects you may be experiencing.  It is not suggested that you use this long term.
    "Garcinia is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth for 12 weeks or less. Long-term safety is unknown. Garcinia can cause nausea, digestive tract discomfort, and headache." 
         I can not tell you what will or will not happen if you take it past that time frame.  Just be aware of any changes that may happen.  

    "Garcinia: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings - WebMD." WebMD. WebMD, n.d. Web. 30 Aug. 2014~"Garcinia: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings - WebMD." WebMD. WebMD, n.d. Web. 30 Aug. 2014
    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    PhantomFit Resistance Loop Bands Review

        These bands are a great addition to any fitness routine.  They come individually wrapped and packed in their very own carry case.  They are each clearly marked with their resistance level.  They are made of durable latex and can be used one at a time or in any combination to create custom resistance. 

         These bands do not roll when used directly in contact with the skin however when over long sleeves or pants some rolling can occur.  They are easy to wipe down and store.  Great quality at a great price.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    #HERBTHEORY Mental Agility herbal supplement Review

         I have recently decided to start treating my body much better than I have in the past.  I have worked hard at getting rid of a few "extra" pounds, cut down on my caffeine intake (I was the most horrible person ever!) and become more active.  During all of this my energy, focus and sleep have suffered a great deal.  Trying to find the right balance for me has been hard.  I have come to realize that without the "perfect" diet, my body is lacking certain nutrients.   That is when trying #Herbtheory came in to play.

         Herbtheory's Mental Agility helps with cognitive performance by helping improve the working memory and supporting attention.  To be honest the hardest part about this whole thing was remembering to take it!  It is Gluten-Free, is NON-GMO and is 100% vegetarian! 

         These capsules are easy to swollen, have no real flavor to them (or after taste that I can notice) and did not upset my stomach at all.  I believe that they are a great addition to any current supplements that you may be taking or an excellent choice for those looking to start supplements focusing on memory and attention.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    Raw Organic Unfiltered Shea Butter Review + Giveaway

         I like many others have issues with very dry skin.  No matter what I tried (and this is no lie!) the dryness was back with in a few hours.  Nothing had a long lasting affect.  Nothing that is until I tried Raw Organic Unfiltered Shea Butter.  Now I have never tried Shea butter before and had wondered how I would use the product.  So after a bit of investigation I realized I could use it as is!  That for me was a huge benefit.  I am not very fond of many steps.  If it gets to complicated I will leave it be.

        The outer packaging is very nice, simple and can be resealed.  The inner packaging is a "Ziploc" style bag.  When mine arrived everything was in good condition with no punctures on it.  It was due to the heat very watery.  As per instructions I put it in the fridge for about an hour and it was ready to go.  The shea butter is supposed to be hard.  As you need it just break off a piece and knead it or rub it in to the desired location. 

        There are many different uses for Raw Organic Unfiltered Shea Butter and tons of recipes out on the internet for it.  I decided to leave it as natural as possible and only added peppermint oil to mine.  Just add a few drops and knead.  You can keep adding more oil until you get the desired scent.  Let it sit over night and then use.  Over all I am very happy with the shea butter.  It works great at keeping my skin nice and smooth and has even helped with scars on my legs.  I have been using this product for three weeks now and love the feel of my skin.  So much so that I now am wearing shorts again!
         And now for the fun part.  One lucky reader will win their very own 1LB package of Raw Organic Shea Butter!

         This will be the mandatory entry.  What do you think about natural beauty remedies?  What is your favorite?

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    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    I want to work from home again!

         Have you ever tried to work from home?  In the past I have tried working from home.  In fact, I have tried several times to work from home.  I worked with two different home based call centers.  For one I worked with for over two years.  I also tried selling Avon several times.  The last time it was going well until I let myself be sucked in to the incentives and pre-orders.  Then it went all down hill.  I know there are a few of you shaking your head.  You know what exactly what I am talking about too!
         I have always dreamed of staying home with the kids and being Little Susie Homemaker.  The reality is I sucked at being home with the kids. After the military it was depressing and lonely and I couldn't even pee without someone crying, screaming or following me in.  I got tired of cartoons, playgrounds and snotty noses.  Would I have done it different?  Nope!  In this weird, masochistic way it was fun.  But now I need adult interaction.  I want to be able to feel like I am something other than a sounding board, nurse, referee, cook, maid and such. 
        So I decided two years ago that I wanted to work full-time outside the home.  In the last two years I have gone from not caring what I look like to makeup and hair appointments.  From jeans and a t-shirt (still my favorite outfit) to dresses, tube tops and jewelry.  I find an excuse every pay period to buy a new outfit complete with shoes and at least one accessory.  And I am quickly finding out that I like it!  What I do not like is working outside the home.  I have no time to do anything.  It is hard to run errands and I have used up all my sick time and vacation time leaving to get sick kids, take them to appointments, meetings and such.  So I have not had a vacation since I started in October of 2012.  I am always tired and I am always in pain.  It is not what I expected it to be.  While I enjoy the interaction with other adults, I feel as if I can't spend the time I need to with the kids. 
         So now I am back to the beginning.  I want to work from home again.  I also want to be able to do something that will allow me to stay with them when I move instead of having to find something else to do.  I do not want to feel the that I am taking to much time off to handle the kids problems or that I am not doing enough for the kids because I am scared to take time off.  
         We shall see what the future has to hold.  I know what I want and I am starting to research my options.  Hopefully I can make my dreams come true.

    What is happening to our world?

         What is happening to our world?  When will we stop destroying each other?  I do not like to watch the news anymore since there seems to be more bad news than good.  Celebrity DUI's, Corporate lawsuits and the latest political scandal seem to be the only "news worthy" topics these days.  When stories are reported they seem to be very biased and does not tell the whole truth. 
         You have a lot of the next generation demanding everything, unwilling to work for what they want.  Yet, when a parent wants to discipline their child they get dragged off to court for neglect and/or abuse.  How is this fair?  How are we supposed to raise and respectful, hardworking and honest generation when we are scared of getting in trouble if we discipline them?  I am not talking about beating your child.  I am talking about a quick swat to shock them.  Most of my generation received spankings and are better for it. 
         How is it that holding people accountable regardless of social status not the normal?  If someone hits and kills another human being because he or she is intoxicated they should go to jail.  They know better than to drive under the influence.  It has nothing to do with being to rich and not knowing the difference between right and wrong.  That is just a bunch of crap excuses used to try and get people to feel sorry for them.  Sad part is that it works.  Then you have someone that has barely enough money to make ends meet or feed their family or themselves for that matter, have a honest to goodness accident and be thrown in jail.  Used to set an example. Sued until they have nothing left.
         I do not understand how we have let it happen.  How we have turned a blind eye and let it run our lives.  I keep seeing all these pay it forward videos on youtube and end up in tears!  Why because we do not see enough of it.  We are no longer used to it and do not expect it.  We are immune to the bad and completely shocked by the good.  It should not be this way!  When will we see that we need to change in order to change the world.  It needs to start with us.  We need to take the first step.  Each and everyone one of us.  There should be no postponing because you are busy or in a hurry or waiting for the neighbor to do it first. 
        I hope that we all learn quickly and start to fix what we have broken.  For the sake of our children.




    July 25th 2014 "Thread The Needle Day"

         Today is Thread the Needle Day! You can be sure that today could be a great day........ if you like to sew.
    Thread the Needle Day may certainly be a day for those who sew. There is also a second meaning. This term "thread the needle", is also a saying. It means to either walk a fine and difficult line between two things or issues, or to do something difficult. For example, suppose two of your friends are on opposite sides of an issue. You may have to "thread the needle" on that issue, as you attempt to retain both of them as your friend.
    The creator of Thread the Needle Day did not document this day. So, until we find him or her, you can celebrate today by either sewing or threading the needle on issues.
         And if you do not sew you can celebrate the day with the flower of the day (Peonies) or the recipe of the day (Ice Cream Pie).

    Short temper

         I am not sure why but lately my temper keeps getting shorter and shorter.  I even had to leave work early once this week because I was fearful I would snap at the wrong person.  You see I am normally there would be no problem with things going wrong.  You take a deep breath, smile and continue.  I would get home and listen to music, work in the garden or go to the gym and hit up the treadmill and work it off.  But lately that has not been very helpful at all!  The more stressed out I get at work the harder it gets to control my temper.
         For example today a radio show host comes in and does and interview with one of the employees.  Well that employee misrepresents himself.  The same employee that will not finish any of the tasks assigned or that he/she volunteers for.  Last week I was informed that they will be using more than the normal rooms for the big event this year.  Um.  No one mentioned this to me! According to the person I was speaking with they had this in the works for oh a few weeks at least.  Good to know that everyone else makes plans with my department without telling me.  Not like I have to change the employees schedules  to accommodate the events or anything. Oh and by the way that employee that misrepresented himself said he had my position. 

            When I started working again I was thrilled and exited.  I even loved my job and going to work until recently.  I am not sure what changed but I am not liking it one bit.  The politics in the office and between management is making hard to do our job.  Walking on eggshells all the time stressed me out.  It is getting to the point that at time I wish my job was still being home with the kids.  Until then I will keep counting to ten many, many times.

    One more year

         Last night we set out to find a "new" place to have dinner.  By new I mean not one of our normal spots like IHOP, Logan's or Chili's.  It seems that we always end up migrating to the same types of food, steak, burgers or breakfast.  After driving around for about 40 minutes we ended up at Longhorn's. Yup steak again.  After missing a few turns, uncertain suggestions and aggressive drivers I really didn't care.  I really wasn't even hungry at this point.
         My husband ran inside as one of us normally does to see what the wait time will be.  If it is a long wait we either go somewhere else or sit in the car and put on a movie.  The perks of having a DVD player in the trailblazer.  He came back quickly saying that the Host said it would be only a few minutes, they just needed to clear the table for us.  About half an hour later we finally get seated. Hubby is short tempered already as he felt lied too, and the kids are constantly repeating that they are hungry.  Me I am just observing all of it.  Keeping as quiet as possible giving short answers or a nod of the head to any questions that came my way.
         You see, I wanted to take it all in.  This summer has started a countdown that will certainly make my heart ache.  My oldest, my first born, my baby will be graduating High School next year and has plans to join the military.  I have one year left to soak in memories to last forever.  One year left with a full nest.  I am trying hard to let go.  It is not easy.  I wish that time would stop and we could live together forever.  But that is not the case. 
        While we sat waiting on our waitress I kept looking across the table and my boys (husband included) and saw those quirky looks they gave each other planning their next joke or trick.  Joke that my husband and oldest usually directed at our second child.  Of all people they pick on the one with the shortest temper.  I already know that wont end well.  He quickly closes up and gets very emotional.  But I do not get in the middle of it.  I just smile and keep watching.  The two younger ones keep to themselves for the most part.  They are very busy with their crayons and children's menu, so much so that they do not care what is going on around them.  Still innocent and carefree.  My youngest just wants the food to hurry up because he is starving to death.  Him and his sister have very dramatic personalities.  It is always the world against them. 
       During our whole dinner nothing much was said.  A few comments here and there.  My husband kept asking me if I was ok.  Apparently keeping quiet for me is out of character.  I seem to always have something to say.  But tonight I just watched and wondered what this year will bring.  How our lives will change and how we will handle it.  So for now, here is to one more year...
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