Swag Bucks

     I am sure you all have already heard about swagbucks and what you can do with it.  I know there are many sites and blogs that post about it and have you sign up.  Well here is my take and personal experience with the site.

     I signed up for swagbucks on 12/3/2009. I downloaded the toolbar and never used it.  Last year in July 17 2010 I decided hey everyone is earning stuff let me give it another try.  I logged in downloaded the tool bar again and started searching.  Used my swagbucks on sweepstakes entries that well honestly was a waste of time.  I kept searching and earning swagbucks and let them accumulate.  On September 16th I finally had enough to get me some amazon.com e-cards.  Got two of them worth $5 each.  Two Days later I was able to get yet another $5 amazon.com e-card.  I was hooked!

    When it was all said in done for 2010 I had earned $35 bucks in amazon.com e-cards that paid for one of my kids Christmas gifts.  All I had to do was search the web like I always do.  You can average on your own one $5 amazon.com e-card a month.  That is $60 a year that you did not have before.  How cool is that?

     So if you haven't signed up with swagbucks yet, give it a try.  You have nothing to lose and at least $60 to gain.  You can click on any of the links in this review or the image at the top.  You can also sign up HERE. 

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