Crazy Weather

     I am looking forward to spring and being outdoors.  Every time I think we can start planting we get yet another cold front with snow, ice  and below freezing temperatures.  My first round of seedling all expired with the exception of the chives.  I planted these in a pot all by themselves.  They are doing well.  This next round of seedlings I am setting up next to the sliding door right above the heater.  This will help keep them warm.

      I think the kids are looking forward to this next storm that should arrive tomorrow.  We are supposed to get about four inches of snow.  In turn the kids may not have school, again.  Not sure it will turn out well if they don't have school since they are already fighting and it has only been the weekend.  Three days in a row may be more than they can handle.  

     When planting this year, I am taking in to consideration what I will be able to can when harvested.  Hoping the green beans and tomatoes do well.  Last year the heat held them back a bit.  I am going to freeze a lot of squash this time.  A bit of last years harvest went to waste.  My only concern is the asparagus I planted last year.  They were one year old plants when I planted them, making this year three and harvest year!  Not sure if I winterized them correctly.  Time will tell.   

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